Tamara Sale

I began my career as a Cinematographer in 1974, after spending two years as a student writer, editor, director and cinematographer in the Simon Fraser University Film Workshop Program. I quickly rose to national acclaim with a 1977 "Best Cinematography" Award at the Yorktown International Film Festival for the theatrical short subject entitled "Cooperage", followed in the same year with a Genie Award for Cinematography for another theatrical short, "Spartree". Concurrently, I was active in the industry as Treasurer of the British Columbia Film Industry Association. My career flourished in the 1980's with work in the Documentary, Educational, Theatrical, and Commercial fields. Work took me from British Columbia to Ontario, from the Arctic to the Central and Western United States. From 1991 to 2000 I expanded a personal interest in computers and freelanced in computer graphics and technical support.

In 2001 I enrolled in an entrepeneurial program and launched Ten Plus Productions in early 2002. Ten Plus Productions has enabled me to resume my love for and challenge in the many and varied aspects of film and video production.

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